New Version of Settop Level Me for Trimble® Access™ 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of the most recent upgrade of Settop Level Me optimized for the new version of the Trimble Access 2020 workflow for surveying. Trimble Access continues to be the main field software used by surveying professionals around the world. In this version Settop Level Me is available for work on controllers with Windows 10, such as the Trimble TSC7 controller.

The Settop Level Me application for Trimble Access 2020 allows the user to carry out high precision trigonometric leveling with total stations and to generate reports directly in the field and export the files with all the results in a fast and highly productive way. By taking advantage of the high capacity of the Trimble S series of stations an easy-to-use field program is created to perform trigonometric leveling with results comparable to those carried out with a digital level. The leveling module allows you to carry out leveling as if it were geometric leveling by using the midpoint method and the simple or double leveling methodology.

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