Mining Works – Monitoring

Mining Measurement Systems

Experts in geo-positioning and survey communications for construction and engineering, SETTOPSurvey also develops measurement solutions for complex mining works. Throughout our 25 years of operations, we have offered customized solutions for our clients’ needs, adapting our tools to their requirements and even creating custom systems as required. Our full portfolio of products and software applications can be configured specifically for mining measurement systems. Among our mining solutions is the ability to set up continuous survey monitoring through a high-precision Total Station or via GNSS reference stations. From there, we facilitate the connection to external sensors and channel the emitted data to a central computer, allowing for easy analysis of possible terrain movements.

Software and Hardware for Mining

With the objective of allowing for maximum safety during the execution of mining works, SETTOPSurvey adapts our instruments and surveying programs to create personalized solutions that, employing hardware and software, group and centralize information collected from a Total Station or GNSS reference station, then process the data at regular intervals and analyse them from a central computer.

Mining Works products

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