Settop Neptune Crane HP: High precision placement of concrete blocks

Integrated guided crane solution for precise placement of concrete blocks This solution will allow the crane operator to place each block with total precision and confidence. Thanks to its continuous localization system and practical visualizer the operator will know the position, depth, and orientation of the block at all times and will be able to place it with absolute precision according to the project plan. The solution will also generate a report detailing all the pertinent data on the definitive position of the block.

  • Suitable for telescopic cranes
  • Centimetric precision in plans and elevation without adjusting odometers or calibrations
  • Visualization in real time via internet

Parts of the solution for high precision placement of concrete blocks

Settop Neptune Crane

The Settop Neptune Crane software allows you to register the location of the blocks, the guiding of their placement, and even the recording of the route followed by the block until it is in place. With its background map the guiding and placing of the blocks can be done in a very easy way.

XYZ positioning tool

With the XYZ positioning tool and with a load capacity of 115 tons it can place blocks with total centimetric precision both in planimetry and altimetry (or depth). The tool is adaptable to any type of crane.

GNSS Settop M1

The Settop M1 with double GNSS antenna and centimetric precision will calculate the orientation of the block so that the operator can place it with complete accuracy.

Main Advantages

  • Adaptable to any type of crane
  • Very easy installation
  • Centimetric precision in planimetry
  • Centimetric precision in altimetry (depth)
  •  Real time information on location
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Simple project configuration
  • Selection of world geodesy or local adjustments (7 parameters)
  • Uploading of background map (DXF) and orthoimages
  • Uploading of points for stakeout
  • Generation of reports
  • Recording of raw data file for later reproduction in the office
  • Possibility of personalizing the application