Maritime Works

The high precision of SETTOP’s topographic monitoring equipment makes it the perfect tool for marine construction and hydrographic survey applications in the construction of breakwater dikes, oil platforms, and in concrete caisson positioning.

Engineering - Monitoring

We specialize in providing solutions with GPS surveying equipment and Total Stations featuring the latest in positioning technology for the construction and subsequent monitoring of large-scale civil engineering projects.

Precision Agriculture

Our surveying instruments allow you to design complete positioning and guidance systems to help you maximize your agricultural productivity using data from your GPS receivers.

Rail Track Systems

Professional solutions for monitoring equipment in railway and rail track construction projects.

Mining Works - Monitoring

In this highly specialized field SETTOP’s surveying instruments support the work of mining infrastructure design as well as subsequent safety monitoring.


As specialists in the development of surveying instruments and software, here at SETTOPSurvey we can respond to your monitoring and positioning needs in any sector or industry. Contact us today and we can get started on talking about your projects.