Settop Neptune Drilling

Guided system for the positioning of a pile rig for pile drilling

Settop Neptune Drilling is a software package which will guide you easily and intuitively when you are controlling the positioning process of a piling rig. The system is able to work by using just one GNSS receiver or by using two. With the background map and the file of the theoretical alignment of the centre of the piles loaded, the software will display the correct parameters in a simple way in order to facilitate the adequate location of the points. The points are registered in a way that allows a report with all the necessary information to be generated. With the Settop Neptune Drilling system, the rig operator will be able to place each of the piles with high precision. With its continuous localization system and thanks to its practical visualization tool, the operator will know at all times the exact position of the centre of the pile and so will be able to place it with high precision with regard to the corresponding project plan.

Settop Neptune Drilling Downloads

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