New firmware 5.0 Settop M1 Monitoring Solution

The new firmware version of the Settop M1 Monitoring Solution is now available. Download Release Notes.

New Features and changes

  • Support for laser scanner Trimble X7 & X9.
  • Supports a new temperature and pressure sensor
  • New FTP Push system. It allows sending GKA files, SH files and WebCam. You can check the procedures.
  • You can capture images automatically from the webcam
  • New icons when using a none Trimble Total Station
  • Activation option over Token code on WebUI
  • New process bar in WEB UI during firmware file upload.
  • Support for Settop M1 Japan Version
  • New drivers support: Is required to upgrade to work with any Settop external devices.
  • New Kernel
  • Security Improvements

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  • The Settop M1 supplies energy to the scanner
  • The Temperature sensor monitors the surrounding environment
  • Integrated 4G modem for remote control
  • Opportunity for integration to 3rd party software by using API
  • Add additional sensors such as camera, GNSS, weather station, etc.

With Settop M1 and Settop IST Connect software you can control a laser scanner in applications such as:

  • Waste: garbage or waste disposal and monitoring the volume of waste
  • Stockpile: monitoring of stock volume changes over time
  • Tunnel surveying. Stacking the jumbo machine in the tunnel
  • Fabrication and Manufacturing of Components and Quality Control
  • Deformation and as-built analysis (Model vs Scan)
  • Rail-Monitoring and Inspection Analysis