Railtrack Systems

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Advanced system for measuring topographical and track parameters.

  • Data collection: This is used to carry out surveys to find out the current state of the track. Data can be collected in absolute mode (Total Station needed) or in relative mode (RM3D device only).
  • Stake Out: This is used for spatial positioning and assembly of the track. You need the axis file loaded, vertical alignment, super elevation and gauge.
  • Monitoring: This is used to control the laying of the track. It compares the data collected on various consecutive days, taking 0 as an initial value.
  • Verification: This is used for controlling the assembly of the track and indicates any differences between the theoretical and the actual result. In both cases there are numeric results, graphs and files which can be adapted to any format. For greater control, in absolute mode, you can use Trimble S8 latest model Total Stations.

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Railtrack Systems

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Railtrack Systems

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Railtracks Systems

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