Settop M3D

The perfect solution for embedded rail assembly. When it is not possible to use a measuring cart for track assembly, you can use the Settop M3D ruler. Take advantage of all the advantages of the cart in this 3D measuring ruler! The Settop M3D measuring ruler includes high-accuracy digital sensors and a Bluetooth module for communicating with the field controller. Carry out an exhaustive data collection of the track or place it on the absolute coordinates thanks to the Trimble S8 Total Station. It is possible to load the project axis in the formats of the most common programs (*.rxl, *.xml, Inroads, Clip, Ispool, etc.) as well as to export to customizable ASCII files (*.txt) or graphs (*.dxf).

  • High-accuracy sensors
  • Fixed gauge: 1435 mm (other optional gauge)
  • Bluetooth wireless connection
  • Long battery life
  • Theoretical files (*.rxl, *.xml, etc)
  • Relative measurement
  • Absolute measurement next to Total Station
  • Customizable exporting of ASCII data
  • Exporting of graphs to *.dxf

Settop M3D Downloads

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