Maritime Works

Marine Construction Monitoring

On occasion, custom solutions are required for precision marine construction monitoring. When this is the case, personalized systems or programs must be configured to respond to the needs of a specific project. As expert developers of surveying measurement software and hardware for over 25 years, SETTOPSurvey provides solutions specific to the problems and challenges posed by maritime works, creating specialized systems that respond to our clients’ explicit requirements. We have developed survey monitoring and auscultation systems, bathymetries, solutions for the positioning of floating caissons or blocks for dykes, and control systems for split hopper barges, among others. Combining our experience with geo-positioning and our in-house development of software and survey monitoring equipment, today we are capable of finding the best solution for any type of problem encountered in maritime works and carry it out with precision and the trust offered by a strategic partner.

Marine Construction Solutions

SETTOPSurvey’s survey positioning systems for marine construction can be divided into two areas:

  • Guidance and control systems for construction materials
  • Measurement and data collection systems for the generation of digital terrain models and studies.

Software and Hardware for maritime works

SETTOPSurvey’s solutions for maritime works include software applications and hardware adaptations designed specifically to respond to the needs of this sector.

Discuss your project with our experts. They will guide and orient you toward the solution that best fits to your needs.

Maritime Works products


Settop M1+3

Agricultura de Precisión

Settop CellXtrem

Agricultura de Precisión

Settop M1 Multifunción

Obras Marítimas

Settop Neptune Boat

Obras Marítimas

Settop Neptune Case

Obras Marítimas

Settop Neptune Crane

Agricultura de Precisión

Settop Repeater