About us

Geopositioning and custom survey monitoring solutions

SETTOPSurvey is specialized in the development of geopositioning technologies and custom survey monitoring solutions. Since our establishment, in 1988, we have put innovation and personalized customer service at the forefront of our strategy, developing products and applications for major engineering and surveying projects all over the world.

Creativity, quality, and uniqueness are paramount in every SETTOPSurvey development, no matter the project of which they form part. We have produced custom turn-key hardware solutions designed to address the particular challenges faced in maritime works, railtrack systems, engineering, and mining, including bathymetry, caisson guidance and placement systems, crane control, and many more. In addition, we have developed any number of custom software applications that employ the latest generation technology in electronics and information and mobile networks.

Committed to our clients’ satisfaction and to their growth and strategic development, today SETTOPSurvey’s survey monitoring solutions are used in a wide variety of sectors. There is no such thing as a difficult project, only stimulating challenges to solve, and that’s why our engineers and technicians seek new puzzles every day. Contact us so we can help you find the right solution for your project.