Settop OctoHub

Maximize the potential of your Settop M1 with the Settop OctoHub port multiplier. The new Settop Octohub opens up a wide range of possibilities for the user to connect to numerous diverse sensors and devices via their Settop M1. With all of the multiple communication ports integrated in just one single device, you can forget about complex cable counts in scenarios of reduced space and you can also stop worrying about losing data from a specific sensor which needs to be analyzed as you will have all of the data that you need within easy reach for a quick and easy analysis for all types of surveying work.


  • Multiplies by 5 the possibility of connecting sensors
  • Temperature sensor included
  • Compact device
  • Connection with just one single cable
  • Cable organizer
  • Control of power for connected total stations and sensors
  • LED indicators of devices connected


  • USB Host (x2)
  • RS232 (x3)
  • Ethernet (x1)
  • Thermometer (x1)
  • Total Station (x1)
  • Settop M1 (x1)
  • Power (x1)

Settop Octohub Downloads

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