Solar Panel System

The Settop Solar Panel system offers the possibility of powering your permanent monitoring installations in remote places where it is not possible to connect to a source. It can also be used as an auxiliary system. Settop’s Solar solution is mounted on an aluminum structure, easily installable anywhere and with the possibility of being equipped with one or multiple panels depending on your needs (PN: SOLAR SYSTEM MON). The batteries are housed in an airtight box to prevent damage due to weather conditions prepared to accommodate 2 x 100Ah batteries (PN: POWER KIT MON). To complete the installation, the metal storage box of the controllers (PN: SOLAR CABINET) is included.


  • Set up an autonomous monitoring project
  • Solar Panel: 250 W
  • 2 Batteries 100 Ah each
  • Up to a week without electricity
  • Rugged Heavy Duty design to withstand harsh environments
  • IP65 Rating for Water & Dust ingress
  • Compact style for ease of installation and manoeuvrability